What Is Optimization Of A Website For Search Engines

Optimization of a website (SEO) is the process by which it is essential to be “attractive ” to search engines. The service of optimizing a website is a continuous process that develops and changes according to what search engines are and their changes over time. In English, it is called S.E.O. and means Search Engine … Read more

Why use EDU backlinks

Edu backlinks (a backlink originating from a domain finishing in .edu) are amongst the best authority backlinks you can obtain for the web site for SEO purposes. The backlink system, in part, effectively runs using the foundation of trust. So high quality backlinks; come from creditworthy websites and the most trusted web sites are generally educational institutions, therefore we now have Edu backlinks.

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What Panda Has To Teach You?

No business can survive without the help of SEO in this intensive atmosphere of huge competition. When there is race to be number one o n the search engine and all your counter parts struggling to be on the top, then certainly you may be wandering a lot to hire SEO services. But then once you have hired these supposedly magical services you may still be in a fix!

What most SEO service providers are fearful of is the presence of Panda. As this may threaten your progress to reach the top level in the Google search engine you need to come in terms with the Panda guidelines for on page SEO.

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Dealing With Google Penguin

Internet marketing has endless possibilities. If any body is interested in creating a huge client or customer list then certainly they seek advertising through the internet. Not only these marketing strategies are affordable to them but it also is quite affordable and easily accessible. Then the topping on the cake is its huge coverage. This is the reason why people are seeking search engine optimization services to increase their presence on the internet.

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Google +1 Button on More Homepages than Tweet Button

A study from BrightEdge examining the prevalence of social plugins on the home pages of major sites shows that Facebook is still the most dominant social button on the web. Google +1, however, is growing quickly, having seen a 28 percent increase in adoption over the last month. Since figures were tallied in June, Google … Read more

Google Plus One Widget for WordPress

Google Plus One Widget is a WordPress plugin by karolsojko that Adds the new Google “+1″ button on single posts pages, page type pages and homepage under post titles. Google +1 is a social feature for Google’s search service adding a one-click button to allow users to recommend sites and share those recommendations with their … Read more

Spammer and Google +1 Button

As it is very likely that spammers will try to use the +1 button, Google will perform tests before the +1 button has a major influence on the search results. The +1 button will be shown in both natural and paid for search results so will it effect PPC and will it be easy pickings … Read more