What Is Optimization Of A Website

Optimization of a website (SEO) is the process by which it is essential to “attractive ” to the search engines.

The service of optimizing a website is a continuous process that develops and changes according to what are search engines and their changes over time . In English it is called S.E.O. and means Search Engine Optimization, includes a series of operations to be performed on pages to which we want to give more visibility and is closely related to the website that you want to optimize .

A well optimized website is highly visible from the search engines , it is able to procure visits and therefore revenue when it comes to purely commercial websites .

Generally operates in three phases:

  • Analysis of the structure and of the pages of the ‘ entire website.
  • Change of the entire website.
  • Analysis , maintenance and improvement of the results obtained .

In the analysis phase we study the entire structure and the individual pages of the website to be optimized, the markup language used , content , accessibility of the pages themselves , are evaluated in short, all the parameters of the site and individual web pages.

This is followed by the modification of these parameters analyzed by defining specific keywords for each page that will be closely linked with the content , you can optimize the content itself and generally if you add new ones .

In the final phase , performed after L ‘ INDEXING site is constantly acts on the monitoring of the results obtained by operating on the basis of what are the logical analysis of the search engines and delegate their evolutions.

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