Social Media BlogThe Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips

With all the rumors suggesting that Google will soon offer real-time search capabilities, indexing Tweets and other real-time web data, now is a good time to take a closer look at your Twitter presence. Even now, what you tweet can be held against you on the engines, although it can also work to your advantage.

As an example, Google is already indexing tweets so Twitter pages and even individual tweets have already started appearing within Google search results.

But, never fear, you still have time to start optimizing your Twitter presence before your random tweets about what you ate for lunch start appearing in searches for your name. By following these ten Twitter tips, you, your company or your brand can build up more prominent links in high places on the engines.

1. Choose a good handle
2. Select an account name wisely
3. Make your bio count
4. Spread the word
5. Remember your URL
6. Select the initial characters of each tweet carefully
7. Write keyword-rich tweets if possible
8. Mind your retweetability
9. Provide some link love
10. As always, give ‘em what they want

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