How To Get Google To Instantly Index Your New Website

Whenever somebody creates a website to enhance their business or ideas, they must be eager and curious to know that many people can easily find the particular website, and it must be shown at the top of Google searches. You have to wait for some time for Googlebot, which is software that keeps information and data about searches and Google Index.

The Internet is a vast space where fresh stuff is constantly being produced. Because Google has a limited amount of resources, Googlebot can only identify and crawl a portion of the almost unlimited amount of stuff that is available online. Then, we can only index a subset of the content that has been crawled.

When a new website comes to the eyes of Googlebot, it starts the crawling process and finds newly built websites or any updated data or information from the system and reports all the information to the Google engine. If your website or blog is recognized as higher quality content, it has been added to Google Index, and this whole process is called Indexing. A professional like SEO Delhi can get this done for you easily.

In this article, we are going to mention some tricks and tips to get Google to index your new website instantly; let’s take a closer look:-

  • Build a sitemap and submit it to Google tool: The Sitemap is the basic key and need of every new website or web page. The XML file helps tell the Google search engine about all updating and newly added data and information. Several Google tools are available to provide you with a specific facility. You can understand this by an example; if you create your webpage in Word Press, you can have an XML sitemap plug-in, automatically updating your website’s content and informing Google about all the changes and updates. One can also use the Google webmaster tool, you can easily find this on your Google account. Link your new website with this Google tool and add your sitemap and previously built web pages. This process will increase your chances of getting Google index frequently and easily. Also, many Google index checkers are available online, and you can easily check whether your website is indexed.
  • Submit the URL of the website to the Google search engine: Submitting URLs is also an effective way to get Google index quickly. Some people believe this will not work as expected, but there are no adverse effects if you do so, and it will take a minute. Search; submit your URL option to your Google account or in the webmaster tool. One can also submit own URL at Yahoo or Bing.
  • Update your social profile: Social networking is a wonderful way to enhance your website or business. There are a number of famous social sites available like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube channels etc. All these networks can help you to get a Google index instantly. Posting your website link in a guest post will also help you to do that. Guest posting services are also a great source to index your website in Google quickly.
  • Spread your link: Share your profile and links as much as possible. Create your social account on every popular website and share it with friends and the public. If you are launching any new products or have any new ideas, then do it publicly, click images and tell briefly and clearly about your product. Let the people know about your ideas, and as more people will come to know more, you can get the index.

Finally, You can use the Google Web Search “” to find out which pages on your website are included in the Google index. Use the Google Search Console to submit indexing requests if you want more pages to be included in the Google index. Both Google Search and your search engine’s index will alter due to these requests.

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