Getting your blog noticed

To put it simply, a blog will help get your web site noticed by the search engines, and search engine optimisation agencies (the good ones) are experts at making sure your blog does just that.

One of the great things about using a blog is the flexibility keywords offer. Your main website may have limited potential in terms of keyword optimisation. Your blog, however, can be updated as often as you like and keywords can be chosen to suit whatever topics are most relevant to your business and sales targets at the time. This can help search engines find your most relevant and up to date content.

SEO agencies use analytical tools, like those provided by Google, to determine what keywords should be targeted when updating a blog. Using these tools they can balance search requests for certain keywords against the proliferation of those keywords in web sites and make informed decisions on how to approach their use.

How and where those keywords are placed in your blog is also important. While over-use of keywords should be avoided, making sure that keywords are included at least in the opening and closing paragraphs of your blog entry will help it get noticed. Using bold or italic type helps your keywords stand out visually once a potential customer has reached your blog.

As the use of social media to improve search engine rankings increases, search engine optimisation agencies are well aware of the continuing importance of keywords and how they’re used.

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