Twitter finally agree to on-site advertising

Social media giants Twitter have finally caved in and agreed to advertising on the site- which will be effective almost immediately.
The adverts, which have been branded ‘Promoted Tweets’, will take pride of place at the top of the site’s search results. Apparently, Promoted Tweets will be regular updates that businesses intentionally post in order to reach their target audience.Regarding the content of the tweets, Twitter has promised that any content that the user doesn’t deem relevant will be removed.Only one Promoted Tweet will appear per search page, so users won’t be overwhelmed by promotional content and disillusioned with the site.

It didn’t take long for news of the plans to break amongst the Twitter community, although it was met with mixed reactions. Many users felt that, although the Promoted Tweets initially looked to be relatively unobtrusive, it wouldn’t be long before they took over their entire newsfeed.

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