Websites Selling Google +1’s, Will Google’s Results Be Gamed?

webYes, this is the pitch from an actual spammy website,, looking to manipulate the influence of Google +1 clicks in favor of websites that buy this service. Essentially, it is telling website owners that you can show Google your site isn’t spammy by buying their spam service, and get rewarded with higher search rankings.

Considering all the effort that has gone into the +1 button and how it ties into the Google+ social project, it’s likely that Google already has plans to counter websites that are selling Plus Ones online. Assuming the site outed in The Atlantic, and other sites such as Googleplus1supply, buygoogleplus1, and Blackcatseo, are more than just a quick way to make some easy money off less knowledgeable website owners, could paid +1’s be more difficult to counter than paid links?

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