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Some Important fact about Google +1

A-complete-guide-to-Google-Pages1Here we are giving some important facts about Google +1

  1. The Google +1 button is supported in 44 languages
  2. The +1 button will appear next to the headline on search ads
  3. The button is not available on mobile search results yet
  4. The +1 Button is not the same as Google Buzz
  5. There are different sizes and styles of the button
  6. The button is even more customizable
  7. Multiple buttons can be placed on a single page
  8. You need a Google profile to use this button
  9. Google +1’s are shared publicly, but can be undone
  10. You will see total +1 counts for sites
  11. The +1 button will influence search rankings
  12. The Google + button will not work on private URL


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