Social Media – Profile Links

Top Social Media sites which allow profile links for your one way link building as well as direct traffic. Social Media Links: – Can add links to your profile. No custom anchor text but you can add as many links as you want. – Get a dofollow profile link. Can also bookmark some of your pages and get dofollow links with custom anchor text. – Get a dofollow profile link. No custom anchor text. – Can add links, with custom anchor text, to your profile. – Dofollow profile links. Can have as many as you want. No custom anchor text though. – All links are dofollow. Can use html in your bio resulting in custom text.

Content Publication Links: – Post information or news related to your company and embed links within the content. Links are dofollow with custom anchor text. – Create a guide related to your industry and include dofollow links within. Can use custom anchor text. – Post an article and, using custom anchor text, include dofollow links within.

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