Google Plus Auto-expanded sharebox, and Follow

banner11Here is what google says in email send to users

We have two updates coming to this preview group today.

First, we’re updating the +1 button sharing flow.  Your users have
been able to share from the +1 button for about six months.  However,
the sharing flow has required a second click to open the sharing box.
When you click to +1 today from your preview account, the sharing box
will display automatically, giving you the ability to share right

Second, we’re updating the Google+ badge to use a Follow button.  Your
users will soon be able to add your Google+ page to their following
circle with a single click.

Please note, this is currently in preview.  You must be logged into
your preview account to test the changes.  If you have any questions
or comments, please join us in the Google+ Developers forum:

+The Google+ Platform team