Google Me – Google’s coming social network?

Social Media or Social Networks are becoming popular among wide community of users and it can be seen that Google is going to have “Google Me” names social network which clearly shows that how much big search companies are interested in these social networks concepts.

Other reason of this new network may be due to decreasing popularity of Face Book which made Search Giant to have own Social Networking Platform, how ever with Google Buzz, Google has already entered in this concept, but Google Buzz not seems enough to the company to have this wide areas of users.

With little research, I have found that “” domain name all extensions are reserved by Google which means that it’s not humor and it likely to be launched very soon by Google.

What does it means for normal user to have Google ME? Right now we see that Google profiles are the only way to have maximum information about users, bit Google Me will have more features any may be it will be on same concept as face book, there will be more competition among social networks which is good for social network users.

How Social Media helps in SEO and Brand Building?

Social media is real advertising (Negative or Positive) from users who use any services or products which can helps to build your brand and reputation.
If you have good reputation in Social Media and Your Company Profile is popular, you will have extra edge for your Search Engine Optimisation, google gives more importance to reputed sites and those are indexed fast by Google.

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