Facebook, Twitter more on Mobiles

With the number of online social network users rising, people who access these sites on their mobile browser is also increasing. Mobile Internet browsing is the best option to keep in touch with the world while you are on the move.

comScore’s most recent study says that the number of people accessing Twitter on their mobile phones in January 2010 was 4.7 million people, a 347 percent jump compared to last year. Facebook isn’t lagging behind either. About 25.1 million mobile users accessed Facebook via their mobile browser in January, which marks a hike of 112 percent compared to last year.

MySpace attracted 11.4 million users, approximately half that of Facebook, in January 2010. Interestingly, Facebook’s mobile browser audience surpassed MySpace in February 2009, three months earlier than the Facebook audience exceeded that of MySpace on the PC-based Internet in May 2009.

In January 2010, 11.1 percent of all mobile phone users accessed a social networking site via mobile browser, an increase of 4.6 percentage points from the previous year. Much of this growth has been driven by smartphone owners, 30.8 percent who accessed social networking sites on their mobile browsers. By comparison, just 6.8 percent of feature phone users accessed social networking sites on their mobile phones.

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