Google Plus

Google+ Brand Pages Get Multiple Admins

Google announced several small changes and new Google+ features today. Among them, the Google stream filtering feature has arrived, and finally brand pages can have more than one administrator. Google+ users can now use a sliding control to choose different […]

Google Plus

Google Integrates Google+, Gmail, Contacts

Google is combining its three major services that focus on connecting with other people. Users can now take advantage of Google+ to filter emails, view recent Plus updates in Gmail, and get updated information in Contacts via Google profiles. It’s […]

Google Plus One

Google+ Check-in Offers Coming Soon

Google is integrating additional mobile and Offers features with the Google+ social network. Upcoming features will allow check-in based offers, incentivizing Plus shout-outs for local businesses – but stepping on the toes of other Google services. Mike Blumenthal was the […]