Missouri lawmakers’ Facebook accounts being hacked

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that since the legislative session began Jan. 5, three Republican state representatives, one Democratic lawmaker and one Republican staffer have reported their Facebook accounts being hacked. No one is exactly sure why, but officials point to a potential security hole — a free, open wireless[…]

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Facebook Faces Congressional Privacy Interrogation

When Facebook in January announced plans to enable developers, with permission, to access users’ addresses and phone numbers, the company took it on the chin. Facebook users, perhaps recalling revelations late last year that Facebook user ID numbers were being shared by third-party applications, complained and the company backtracked, stating[…]

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Jack Wilshere to escape FA punishment for Twitter ran

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere is expected to escape being punished by the Football Association after the midfielder vented his anger at referee Phil Dowd on Twitter following his side’s 4-4 draw with Newcastle. Arsenal were 4-0 up at half-time but after Abou Diany was sent off Newcastle took full advantage of[…]

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